Recent UI change? Clicking to gain cards issues

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It seems that the UI has updated over the past few days.  When clicking to gain cards from the kingdom, I have previously been used to a single click will gain a card.  Now it is inconsistent, sometimes it is a single click, but other times the card will not be gained until a double or triple click.  This is an issue when gaining cards as it may cause cards to be gained when not meaning to.


Yes, the Plunder previews brought new UI over and under the hood. Can you tell on which device (PC, mobile) you were playing and using which browser?



I came here to say that the client has been eating clicks for me as well. I've tested it on multiple devices, multiple mice, and it's only happening on Shuffleit.

The one common thing is that it's all on Chrome.


Investigating, though it's hard to pin down. I'm hoping to get a fix in as soon as possible, but it's quite hard to recreate.


I did notice also that occasionally 2 clicks are needed for kingdom cards.  How for me I was unable to undo pre-moves and even though the VP counter was turned off I could still see the score.


It's not just kingdom card gains for me. I've seen it on other types of clicks in-game. Playing cards from hand, I think even button presses.


Terrible experience here (1min+ refresh when select cards table list initial load AND after picking each card, slow loading of each card requiring either a loooong click or many clicks). Mac on Brave v1.46.144, shields down.

Almost unusable.