Border guard + new UI breaks the game

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Game #112908774, rated.

With the recent graphics update playing border guard and revealing two action cards resulted in the box for me to pick horn or lantern not to show. The only way out of it was to request an undo and not play the card.

This happened to both myself and my opponent. We tried all the usual trouble shoots.


Thanks for the info. Yes, one fix some cards broke Druid and Border Guard. This is known and being worked on.


Yep, I'm seeing this as well. I wrote about this in a reddit post here

But I'm seeing

as well as a bunch of Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 429 (Too Many Requests) in the console

seems like maybe something needs to be loaded to display the prompt and it is done lazily and it becomes an issue when the ui needs to display this particular prompt.


Just hit this bug myself with the Border Guard. Good to know the Druid breaks too. Will watch out for both.


I just had this bug too... It's pretty annoying to pay for a game that doesn't work.


That bug (together with the Druid Boon selection bug) has been fixed with the new Wednesday preview build.


Game #112995423 - despite having the horn, border guard does NOT topdeck. Cost me the game.


Thanks for the report!

There is indeed something wrong with the Border Guard/Horn topdecking. I'm looking into it.


The Horn working incorrectly was fixed in today's release.