My rating is not changing

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My rating is not changing. It used to change after every game, but a dew days ago it wouldn't change anymore. In the leaderboards the amount of games played does not change either.

Username: urho

Attached picture of my current rating.



Does it change from day to day (European night is the deciding factor her)? That would mean the games are recorded, but the ratings change is not applied immediaetely but only the next day (the immediate update failed, but at midnight everything is calculated anew anyway).

If you don't play in the next few hours, your next level should be 42.17 according to dombot.


It doesn't change from day to day. Still stuck at 41,3 and number of games does not update neither.

I also tried to make a new account, and played a plenty of games, it's shows a rating of 38,75 in the chat, but nothing in the leaderboards. It doesn't update either.


I asked if there is an unusual hiccup in the ratings system. Just to check if dombot has it right: Before the last few days, you didn't play rated for a longer period (since August this year), right?


Yes, started playing again a few days ago. The first few days the rating changed live. Before that I had a really long break.

Thanksf for looking into it


Just a thought: could it be a bug related to the rating only showing one decimal?
Is showing 41,3 rather than 41,30 normal behavior?
Not only in the leaderboard but also in the game chat it shows only 41,3 for me.


Hi, I have the same problem (username: Mkorofi). My rating is also not updating since approx. yesterday.


There was a problem with the ratings service, that has been fixed now. So new games should be take into account. It looks like that taking the missed games into account will happen over the next European night, when the ratings are recalculated at around midnight.