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Version 1.3.2



Kingdom piles are displayed larger now, in-play a bit smaller.


Version 1.3.3

  • Banned Possession.

Possession has been losing popularity recently, up to the point that most people are trying to avoid this card or make a deal in chat to not use it. Because the configurable banned-cards-list isn't implemented yet, this is a temporary solution that just always puts Possession on the banned list.

This means it won't show up at random in your kingdoms anymore. You can still add it to the required cards if you want to play with it. It's also still possible you find a Possession in your Black Market (but only if the kingdom already has potions).


Version 1.3.4

  • Nocturne officially released and now also available in the store
  • Added Autoplays. Read more on it here
  • fixed undo vs bots
  • several obscure cardbugs fixed; the known card bugs list will be updated


Version 1.3.5

  • Added Dismantle
  • Added game end notification
  • Added general description of autoplays
  • technical rework: storeservice now on a separate machine
  • Improved description of abilities when choosing order
  • technical rework: gameservers handling incoming connections

There was a bug that could cause some log lines to be missing (e.g. ambassador returning), render the undo button inoperative and make parts of the log disappear after a page refresh during a game.


Version 1.3.6

  • Better dealing with failing gameservers
  • Added sound on game end notification

Known Card Bugs fixes

  • Band of Misfits (with throne room)
  • Champion (attacked after you trashed it)
  • Colonnade (buying inherited estate)
  • Estate (5/6P setup)
  • Famine, Inn (shuffling in 0 cards)
  • Fool's Gold (in combination with auto-buy)
  • Hamlet (discard for buy *after* discard for action)
  • Herbalist (when schemed)
  • Inheritance (with quarry in play and estates in hand)
  • Miserable (displayed when Twice Miserable)
  • Mission (buttons when choosing next turn)
  • Monastery (trashing one at a time)
  • Noble Brigand (order of copper & discard)
  • Outpost (with Overlord, Mining Village & Throne Room)
  • Pearl Diver (deck count while making the decision)
  • Replace (didn't lose track)
  • Royal Carriage (was sometimes callable on trashed actions)
  • Tournament (3P autoplay could get stuck)

Hamlet & Pearl Diver have a slightly changed interface now.
I think Hamlet is just better this way; Pearl Diver is still "under investigation".


Version 1.3.6
Fix calling reserve cards - when you had >1 reserve card you could call phantom copies

(this was a server-only release and I forgot to rename the client so it's still called 1.3.6)


Version 1.3.7

  • Reserve cards could be called too many times
  • Noble Brigand got stuck when revealing Silver+Gold
  • Monastery logged twice
  • Replaces lose track message continued all game long
  • Aqueduct resulted in broken log & broken undo


Version 1.3.8

  • Games getting stuck
  • Internal Error on load old game with Obelisk

In the previous version when someone reconnected to a gameserver without closing previous connections, the gameserver failed to do a proper cleanup and this could get the game stuck, only solvable by executing an undo. "without properly closing" is most likely the result of genuine connection trouble on the client side. This bug was much more prominent in spectated games, as those have people reconnecting all the time.

All games featuring Obelisk were unloadable, and now you can load those.
It's possible there are more reasons for games not to load but I'm not aware of any; if you still encounter Internal Error on loading a recent game please do post the game number here


Version 1.3.9

The game has started lagging recently. This release the servers will log more extensively in order to be able to investigate further, and it will also balance the games over the three gameservers differently. Apart from that there should be no functional differences with 1.3.8


Version 1.3.10

  • Store appearance and clarity are improved
  • Traditional Chinese added as language thanks to love1323 (Shuffle-iT Forum name)
  • French added as language thanks to gamesou (Shuffle-iT Forum name)
  • Reordering cards in the game has been fixed on Android devices (e.g. Cartographer) Thanks to Ingix

We did an overhaul of the Store tab with a different UI and more explanations.

Two new languages are added: Traditional Chinese and French. Thanks a lot to the new translators.

The Account tab now shows your subscriptions more clearly, including pictures of the expansion boxes. And when you hover over any expansion you own, it will show you the exact time it will end on the expiration date.