Rights and rules when to stream on YouTube

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I am considering to stream dominion online on YouTube, but I was not able to find the rules of streaming.
Could anyone share a link of the useful information? Or, is there no rule set?



I don't think there is a rule set. General etiquette would suggest you ask your opponent beforehand if you want to stream live. For competetive games (rated, league, some tournament) a delay is suggested for the Championship tournament, but that is only to protect yourself from your opponent seeing your hand while they make decisions.


I would say you don't even need to abide by those rules. Your opponent knowing your hand only matters in edge cases and as of several years ago I think the social contract for all online games is such that you don't need to explicitly ask permission to stream ladder games.

I think if someone specifically asked you not to stream/upload you should honor that but I wouldn't go so far as to ask permission.