WTF is up with the server the last few weeks? So many ways bad.

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Seriously what's been up with the server for the last few weeks? I've had games where I've disconnected or my opponent is disconnected or often both over 10 to 11 times. Multiple times that when the opponent resigns or even just when random thing happens or often when the game ends, the game will freeze up. And this isn't something that's unique to just say me or my opponent or something like that. Today it happens and when I went to go re-login, I only had three friends listed on the right and then over the next 5 to 10 minutes I'm imagined as people re-logged in or restarted, or reloaded or whatever they did to rectify that, or maybe just wait for it to fix itself. Everyone came back in and the entire list of people was there. I never consider that maybe it's a collective thing that the server is just knocking everybody off at some point in time for some reason I don't know.

Oh, and another random weird thing that seems to be in a similar vein. Whenever I do a way of the butterfly to return the card I never get an option to do either return the card or don't do it, which is like strangely one of the options that you have to choose. When I click where the butterfly options are given to me. But if I just reload the page, then the normal give it back or don't go to options show up.


Server is restarted (or rather switched) twice a day. It used to be 8AM/8PM UTC, but the late UTC switch is now at 7 UTC, I don't know about the early one. The reason for that is to ease up the load, so that problems as people disconnecting are less often.

What you describe ("the game will freeze up") after a games ends is exactly the result of such a switch. The developer is working on making the transition less painful.

Way of the Butterfly is bugged as you described since some time. The solution is to either refresh the page (as you did) or set the autoplay option for Way of the Butterfly to off.