can't create table - no button

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Hello, I am sure I'm just doing something wrong - but when I go to create table, the options at the bottom are ready, spectate and leave table. What do I click to actually create the table? The ready button just says "not enough players." There is me and then one empty spot. Not sure how to just get the table to show up as created


You successfully created a table, it currently has just you sitting on it and empty spot. That feature is mainly used for playing with friends or somebody else you can communicate with. If they declare you as their friend, they can see your table with your name in the friends pane in the automatch screen, an there is a join buttom for them to take the empy spot. Then when both player click "Ready", the game starts!

You can see this on the right sight here:

If you want to play with random players, you need to click the "Start search" button on the left side here, possibly after adjusting your options there.


Thank you so much for your quick reply!