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Card Bugs / Zombie Mason + Feodum
08 October 2022, 06:29:54 AM
Game #109271975

Played a Golem which played a Necromancer with which I played a Zombie Mason and trashed a Feodum with it.  Gained three silver but did not get pick a card worth one more to gain from the Zombie Mason.
Bug Reports / Game resigned for me, twice
13 July 2022, 02:27:33 PM
Last two games I played, DO seemed to stall, so I refreshed the browser to see if it would help.  In both cases, about 12 turns into the game, I came back to hear the resign sound at the login screen.  I relogged in and I was taken back to the "you resigned" screen.  Oddly, for the second game when this occurred, I was taken back to the resign screen of the PREVIOUS game I'd played, player, set-up and all. 

I can't provide the game numbers for this because it isn't listed on the resign screen, but like I said, it's the previous two games I played as of this time.  Username: Tamordnual 
Card Bugs / Citadel + Enchantress
28 May 2022, 04:51:51 PM
Game #101846355, rated

Having bought Citadel, every time I was under the effect of the Enchantress, my first action card would play as a pig, and then it wouldn't play a second time.  My opponent checked the Dominion Strategy page, and it states that the card should play as normal for the second Citadel play. 
Bug Reports / Chariot Race + City Quarter (debt?)
05 April 2022, 05:40:16 PM
Game #98748584, rated

Might not be a bug, turn 12, City Quarter revealed by chariot race against a copper, point and coin awarded.  My understanding is debt cards matched against coin cards lead to a draw and the chariot race would gain no benefit if they revealed a CQ and I reveal a copper.  Not sure if there's a different consideration for cards worth 0. 
Card Bugs / Patron + Loan
25 March 2022, 04:11:53 PM
Game #98075011

Used Loan with a Patron in my deck.  Patron was revealed with Loan, but I didn't get a coin token. 
Card Bugs / Highwayman + City Quarter
22 March 2022, 02:36:33 PM
I had a game where two things happened: One was that, even if I wasn't getting hit by the highwayman, the game acted as if I had one less coin than I did, e.g. it would read "5 coins" but only allow me to buy cards worth 4 or less.   

The other thing was attempting to buy the City Quarter would stop the game entirely.  It wouldn't let me pay back debt, it would just read "You may buy cards" even though I had 0 buys left. 

Cards were: Highwayman, City Quarter, Hunting Lodge, Necromancer, Shantytown, pawn, squire, skirmisher, catacombs, guide
Card Bugs / Gaining Inn from the trash
22 June 2021, 04:46:05 PM
At least twice that I've played, I've gained the Inn from the trash and the box that allows you to select actions to shuffle back into your deck is bugged.  Multiple actions get stacked, and when you click on them, it allows you to click that stack once, which applies an X over the stack, but you can't interact with that stack anymore afterwards.  In other boxes like this, a number will appear to let you know how many you're selecting, but it doesn't do it here.

I can't remember how I gained the Inn in the first game.  In the last game I just played, I used a Rogue.