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I would like to be able to select for random options based on what cards do rather than the set they are from.
For example, to select a random card that has +1 buy, or +2 actions, or is an attack, or is a night, etc.
Similarly, i wish i could select cards to be random based on cost. Id like to generate a table that has 1x 2 cost, 2 each of 3, 4, 5, and 6 cost, and 1 other. But you cant do either of these things.

It would also be nice if you could save set ups so i can test a build and then share that with a friend easily later.
Interface Issues / Re: Kingdom has too many cards.
05 April 2022, 08:18:22 AM
This is ridiculous - it seems like the more cards i select the more temperamental it is.
Sometimes it works but sometimes not.
I want to be able to select all the cards for a game. 

Either there is a bug or the error message is worse than useless.