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Brand new iPad Air 4th gen - iOS 14.6 - getting this error message "SERVER CONNECTION WAS REFUSED OR COULD NOT BE ESTABLISHED" regardless of browser I used. I tried Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on the iPad. When using a Windows computer on the same home network, no issues at all. Loads on the same three browsers.

Is there a network setting in iOS that I need to change?
Interface Issues / Controls Disappear
26 January 2017, 06:10:43 PM
I was playing the bot and the control area above my cards disappeared. The UI still is functioning in general. I can right-click cards to enlarge and scroll through the log, but can't do anything else. Attached is a screen shot. Using Chrome browser on Windows 10.
Other Bugs / No Colonies when set to YES
03 January 2017, 06:42:26 AM
When setting Colonies / Platinum to "yes", it is not forcing them to be used. They only get used when at least 3 prosperity cards are part of the deck. Users should be allowed to force the use of Colonies / Platinum for any set of kingdom cards.