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On the "You Lose" screen, I would like a button that would let me play again against the AI with the same set of cards.

I play against the AI almost exclusively, usually multiple times per day, and have done so almost every day for five and a half years. When it becomes clear that I won't win, I often use the undo or rewind buttons to return to the start and try again until I beat the AI with that set of cards. But if the AI's victory is after my last move, I'm at the You Lose screen, and the rewind button is gone.

Writing down the set of cards on the You Lose screen, and creating a new game against the AI with those cards, is time-consuming. I'd like a button on the You Lose screen that does that.
The only way I can get my friends to play Dominion with me is if I replace one or two of my starting Coppers with Curses, to keep it interesting. As a result, they won't play with me online, where this is not possible. Would you consider implementing that option in unranked games?