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Bug Reports / Mission + Outpost Bug
24 May 2020, 11:27:03 PM
Game #45967006, unrated. On turn 11, the following happens, which seems like a sure bug to me. On his turn 11, he buys Mission and plays Outpost in the same hand. I understand that he's allowed to take both Mission and Outpost turns, because "the previous turn wasn't yours" part is true. So no bug there and he takes Mission first.

QUESTION: Is he allowed to decide which to take first, whether Mission or Outpost, or is there a default order?

Anyway, he takes a Mission with 5 cards (edited to add 5 cards, of which I'm fairly sure), no bug there.

BUT, on his subsequent Outpost turn, he draws 5 cards?! That's gotta be a bug.

Please clarify regarding my question, and hopefully fix the bug for the 5-card Outpost turn. Thank you.

Just played a Wall game without trashing. After we exhausted all Duchies there was 1 Province left. I was down 7 points, so basically I couldn't win realistically. Instead of resigning, I was forcing my opponent to get $8 and buy the last province. After like 5 turns of not even getting $6, he/she started buying cards again... I was standing pat every turn still. After the score diff got down to 4 (I had to wait for a potential win as I started first, so can't tie), I happened to buy the last Province next turn and win...

Would you have resigned or forced your opponent to win there? A win's a win for me but that felt like a lousy win.
Card Bugs / Way of the Turtle + Prince Bug
02 May 2020, 09:43:40 AM
After you play Way of the Turtle with Prince, when you do play Prince for real, and set a side a card, everything seems fine. BUT at the start of the next turn, the Prince effects don't seem to occur (as if you never set aside any cards). It's been several days so I don't have a game # anymore.
Almost everyone does this (I personally never do). Let's say you're going to win on this turn. Instead of buying the minimum required to win the game, say the last province, you buy the maximum possible with your coins and # of buys.

That always leaves a poor taste for me. At a minimum, you're wasting time for yourself clicking extra, and for others waiting for you to finish clicking. Taken further, it's just poor sportsmanship running up the score for literally no difference.

When there's no VP counter this is obviously justified, but with VP counter this is just pointless.

It's not the same as sports teams going hard all game because it's not over till it's over. What I'm saying here is when it's already 100% over, why run up the score at the cost of extra time wasted/poor taste for literally 0 benefit.

Maybe I'm sensitive, but convince me that there's value in "maximizing scoring on your last/winning turn".
Support / User Name Change
11 April 2020, 07:56:02 PM
My in-game user name is Gold Subscrptn Chick, which I made because of 20-character limit. If the character limits are gone, may I change that to the same as my forum name (Gold Subscription Chick)? If the character limit is still there, can I change my forum name to be the same as the in-game name? Thank you!

Either way, I want my forum name to be Gold Subscription Chick (or Gold Subscrptn Chick) with first letters capitalized. Thank you!
Support / Confirming Email Does NOT Work
22 January 2017, 07:40:13 AM
I've done it at least 6 times.  Please fix.

EDIT:  I should probably clarify what I meant.  I have received the email and confirmed countless times.  Yet every time I'm asked to confirm again.