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Interface Issues / Matching isn't working this morning
01 October 2018, 02:38:09 PM
It looks like matching has stopped working, probably due to some setting related to the previews which are no longer available.  At the moment 31 people are searching, which is unusually high for this time of day, and I haven't gotten a match in 10 minutes.
When you gain a card with a Watchtower in hand you have three choices, which are nicely spelled out in three buttons.  I like this - it's much better than other implementations which made you click the Watchtower card to reveal it and then do the action you want.

However, if the Watchtower is reacting to cards gained simultaneously it's difficult to figure out which one you are being prompted for.  You have to read the log and even then it's not clear:

You gain a Duchy
• Duchess

• may reveal Watchtower to trash it.

• may reveal Watchtower to topdeck it.

The choice there is referring to gaining the Duchy, not the Duchess.

Feature request:  Can you add the card name to the text of the 3 buttons so it's clear which card you are making the choice for?

Bug report: When buying a Duchy with the Watchtower in hand, there is no way to tell it to put the Duchy on your discard pile UNLESS you are willing to give up the duchess.  Clicking on "Done Reacting" applies to both the Duchy and the Duchess.

Game 2210 is where I tested this after observing it in another game.
Game 2072.  It correctly marked the 4 cost cards and I got one.  It just needs the text in the log corrected.
[This probably belongs in AI bugs - I didn't notice that forum before posting]

I used Prince on a Develop card (not a very smart move - for some reason I was thinking it would be optional and if I didn't use it the Develop would go back into my deck), so each of my turns started with trashing a card.  Several times during the game, instead of prompting me to trash a card at the start of the turn the message said "Waiting for Lord Rattington".  I could fix it with "/undo 1" - LR would repeat his previous turn and then I'd get the prompt to trash a card.

Game #2054.  Screenshot of one instance is attached.
Joining game #624 on frankfurt-test.
Turn 22.
The waiting message disappeared when I clicked it, but clicking on anything else doesn't work.
Embarrassing screen shot below (I'm losing to the bot badly).