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Card Bugs / Berserker and Sheepdog
16 July 2022, 10:08:44 PM
When you gain Berserker, you should be able to choose to use another when-gain ability before Berserker's, for instance Sheepdog. Then, when you resolve Berserker, you have an Action in play, so Berserker plays itself. Compare to Emporium for example. This doesn't currently work correctly.
Card Bugs / Choosing Herb Gatherer as Mouse card
03 June 2022, 02:31:13 PM
When setting up the kingdom I was not allowed to start the game when I had chosen Herb Gatherer as the card for Way of the Mouse. It said that the selected card is not a kingdom card. But it is a kingdom card. I guess that there's some code preventing it from being chosen at random, maybe because the "rotate" effect would do nothing, but there's no reason it couldn't be chosen by the user.
Card Bugs / Duplicate + Innovation
12 December 2021, 09:00:20 PM
If you gain a Duplicate and play it with Innovation, it should give you the option to gain a copy of itself. I thought this worked, but at least it's not working now.
Game 91053548, my turn 5.
Card Bugs / Improve + Innovation
12 December 2021, 02:37:00 PM
Buy Innovation.
Play an Improve, don't buy anything, in start of Clean-up you trash a $2 cost card to gain another Improve and play it with Innovation. You're still in start of Clean-up so you should now be able to "improve" another card from play. But this doesn't work.

Game 91032070, my turn 9.
Card Bugs / Livery + Innovation
12 December 2021, 02:10:45 PM
With Innovation, gaining a Livery and playing it should give you a Horse (because of the gaining of Livery which costs $4 or more), but it doesn't.
Game 91030383, my turn 7.
Card Bugs / Sauna Merchant bug is not a bug
26 September 2021, 10:11:24 AM
I happened to see this bug listed. This is actually correct behavior, not a bug. Donald has confirmed this in this thread (where Ingix also participated):
How to Play / I don't see how to load old games any more
25 September 2021, 03:33:41 PM
That is to say, I can load the game, but the "add bot" button seems to be missing, so I can't start the game. Has there been a change?
Here's a bug that I forgot to report when I was doing all this research.

If you Inherit a card like Embargo, Feast, Death Cart, Mining Village, etc, and play it, it's not an Action card anymore. But Donald's current (maybe tentative) ruling is that this still counted as playing an Action card. This means that you can call Coin of the Realm, and it means that Citadel tries to replay it. I think it's fairly obvious that it's also what would seem most intuitive for most players.

It seems it works this way with Citadel (I tested with Embargo, Death Cart, Experiment and Mining Village), but not with Coin of the Realm. So Citadel replays the card, but it's an Estate so nothing happens. Nevertheless, this means that the next card I play will not be replayed by Citadel, so it makes a difference. But I don't get an option to call Coin of the Realm.

At least it should work the same with Citadel and Coin of the Realm: Either the client counts it as playing and Action card or it doesn't.
This is not supposed to be a bug, but in this game it was: 23603229
None of us got a prompt to trash BoM for $2 when we played it as a Mining Village. This happened several times during the game.
For completeness I'm reporting this bug. I'm not going to say that this needs be fixed (certainly not with a high priority), but it's not correct, so I'm reporting it, as accurately as I can.

There are some triggered abilities that affect "each other player". They are:
when-gain: Embassy, Haunted Castle, Ill-Gotten Gains, Lost City
when-buy: Messenger, Noble Brigand

When you trigger those, you get to order them with any other ability that trigger at the same time. For instance if you buy Noble Brigand with an Embargo token on the pile, you decide which to do first.

Currently this seems to works correctly with Haunted Castle, Messenger and Noble Brigand, but not with the others. It's probably because when you resolve these three cards, you also have to do something. For the others (Embassy, Ill-Gotten Gains and Lost City), only the other players do something. But they should all work the same; you should be able to use Watchtower or Innovation etc. before or after the other players are affected. Currently you only get the option before.

So these abilities are probably designated in the client as only "belonging" to the other players and therefore are automatically resolved after "your" abilities. Every ability has to "belong" to one player though, in terms of figuring out the timing. (First the active player does all his abilities, ordering them, then the next player, etc.) I don't think it's possible with current cards that two of these abilities can trigger at the same time. If there were it would create a problem in the client, because there would be nobody to decide which to resolve first. For instance if you gain Embassy and also have a theoretical "While this is in play, when you gain a card, each other player gains a Curse". In this case it becomes obvious that the active player has to decide.

Game Log Issues / "Trash Mint"
16 January 2019, 05:15:04 PM
When you buy a Mint, and there are other when-buy abilities, Mint's when-buy ability is displayed as "Trash Mint".
Card Bugs / Gaining bugs with Innovation etc.
08 January 2019, 10:07:52 PM
I think I'm finally done mapping all kinds of card interactions for my rules document (although I probably overlooked something). I've tested some of this in the client, finding that several things work, but there are some bugs.

CORRECT: Gaining an Inherited Estate with a card that checks the types of the gained card
Gainers are Horn of Plenty, Ironworks, Replace and Sculptor. I checked with Ironworks, and partially with Horn of Plenty.

  • Gaining Inherited Estate with Capitalism -> Action-Treasure-Victory
  • Gaining Inherited Estate, trashing it with Watchtower* -> Victory
  • Gaining Inherited Estate(Fortress), trashing it with Watchtower -> Action-Victory
In the following we play the gained card with Innovation:

  • Gaining Inherited Estate(self-trasher)* -> Victory (tested with Embargo)
  • Gaining Inherited Estate(Experiment) -> Victory
  • Gaining BoM--Victory -> Action-Victory
  • Gaining BoM--Mill with Capitalism -> Action-Treasure-Victory
  • Gaining BoM--Island -> Action (should work the same with Distant Lands, not tested)
  • Gaining BoM--self-trasher -> Action (not tested)
*Should be Action-Victory while Possessed, not tested

CORRECT: Messenger - gaining
Relevant with Innovation and BoM. I buy a Messenger and choose to gain a (cost-reduced) Band of Misfits, immediately playing it (via Innovation) as a Village. The other players gain a Village.
ADDED: If I play it as card that is removed from play (like Island), it's just a BoM when Messenger checks it, so the other players gain a BoM.

INCORRECT: Duplicate when-gain
Relevant with Innovation and BoM. I gain a Band of Misfits and immediately play it (via Innovation) as a Village. Then I call Duplicate to gain a copy of it. I should gain a Village, but gain a BoM.
If I play it as card that is removed from play (like Island), it's just a BoM when Duplicate resolves, so I should gain a BoM.

INCORRECT: Aqueduct when-gain Victory
Gaining Crumbling Castle is already in the bug list, but the same bug applies to Haunted Castle.
There are also several other ways to gain Silver/Gold at the same time as you gain a Victory card (especially with Innovation), and they all fail:

  • Gain Cemetery, trash card gaining Silver/Gold (Catacombs, Crumbling Castle, Feodum, Rocks, Sir Vander)
  • Gain Cemetery, trash card, react with Market Square
  • Inherit Blessed Village, gain Estate, gain Silver/Gold from Boon (either directly or through discarding Tunnel or trashing as above) (not tested)
  • Inherit card that gains Silver/Gold on when-gain (Border Village, Skulk, Embassy), gain Estate
  • With Innovation, inherit card that gains Silver/Gold on play (many), gain Estate
INCORRECT: Aqueduct when-gain Treasure
With Capitalism, gain a Farmers' Market: 1 VP token is moved from its pile to Aqueduct. THIS IS CORRECT.
However, with Capitalism and Innovation, gain Farmers' Market, playing it. This should allow you to either add a token to the pile or take the tokens (if there are 4) before Aqueduct's when-gain resolves. This fails, since Aqueduct automatically resolves first.

INCORRECT: Basilica when-buy
As far as I can figure out this is only relevant with Innovation. Expected behavior: With something that gains on when-buy (Charm, Farmland, Haggler, Messenger, Stonemason, Talisman), you buy a card, gaining a card that gives $ on play. For instance, buy x with $1 left, gaining and playing Market, now you resolve Basilica's when-buy, getting 2 VP tokens.

You should also be able to spend a Coffers token after buying a card, before resolving Basilica, but only if you are in the first (Treasure-playing) part of your Buy phase, which means that you bought the card from playing Black Market with Scepter or Capitalism. (To clarify, you don't need Innovation.)

INCORRECT: Colonnade when-buy
Relevant with Innovation and BoM. Expected behavior: With something that gains on when-buy (see above), you buy a card, gaining a BoM, playing the BoM as a card you already have in play. Now you resolve Colonnade's when-buy, getting 2 VP tokens.
ADDED: With something that gains on when-buy (see above), you buy a card, gaining a copy of the same card you bought, playing it. Now you resolve Colonnade's when-buy, getting 2 VP tokens.
If you gain & play a card that is removed from play, you should get nothing.

CORRECT: Defiled Shrine when-buy Curse
You reduce the cost of an Action card to $0. You play Charm and then buy a Curse, gaining the Action card, moving 1 VP from its pile to  Defiled Shrine. Now you resolve Defiled Shrine's when-buy, taking all the tokens. This works.

INCORRECT: Defiled Shrine when-gain Action
When you gain a Temple, you correctly get the option of resolving Temple before Defiled Shrine.
But with Innovation, when gaining Farmers' Market or Wild Hunt, Defiled Shrine automatically resolves before you get to play the gained card.
You should also be able to gain a BoM, playing it (via Innovation) as another card either before or after Defiled Shrine resolves. This means you should get the option to move a token from either the BoM pile or the other pile (unless you chose a card that removes itself from play).

All these four Landmarks need to allow you to order their triggered ability with other abilities that trigger at the same time (like Innovation). Defiled Shrine seems to only partially do so.
The Duplicate bug is more mysterious, because the client does let you resolve the abilities in either order.


When it comes to allowing the player to spend Coffers, I see that Black Market and Storyteller are mentioned in the bug list, but it also applies to Fortune (in addition to Basilica in rare cases as mentioned above).
Card Bugs / Ritual and Inheritance
04 January 2019, 08:26:58 PM
Ritual checks what the trashed card cost, not what it costs. That is to say, the card cost before it was trashed is what matters. This is inconsistent with all other such cards, like Apprentice or Salvager, but it's what the card says and it's confirmed by Donald.

So if you have Quarry in play (your Inherited Estate costs $0) and you buy Ritual and trash an Inherited Estate, you should get 0 VP tokens. But currently you get 2 VP tokens, based on the fact that the Estate in trash is not an Action card anymore.

The other thing of course is that the cost of the Inherited Estate is not correct visually. I was looking at the known card bugs and it says there that this is purely visual and the gameplay cost is correct. It links to a thread where Ingix is actually saying that the gameplay cost is also wrong, so this is confusing. But I assume it means that the gameplay cost was corrected at some point (but not the visual cost).
Card Bugs / Urchin and +1 Card token
29 December 2018, 10:18:43 PM
I'm posting this since it's not in the list of known bugs, but it's a low-priority bug.

Urchin and the "+" tokens from Adventures have the same timing. (This was a change some time ago, but I don't remember when.)

So: When you have Urchin in play and play an Attack that has the +1 Card token, you should be able to choose to trash the Urchin for a Mercenary before you draw the card. (Maybe you want to gain the Mercenary before you reshuffle.) At the moment you always draw before you get the choice.
Load old game 17858275, choose to be Jeebus.

It's the Clean-up of your turn.

Then the bot plays its turn. The bot plays an Advisor, revealing Wishing Well, Scheme and Page. No matter what you choose, the bot buys a Province, 2 Estates and a Herbalist. If you chose Page, everything works fine. But if you chose Wishing Well or Scheme, it gets stuck during Clean-up: "Waiting for Lord Rattington".

Interface Issues / Timeout without warning
09 August 2018, 05:56:48 AM
Of course we need a timeout, but give me a warning 15 or 30 seconds before it happens! I have now experienced a few times that an extremely complicated turn makes me time out and my opponent says nothing, just resigns me (even if I tell them I need some time to think). Both times this happened recently, I had the victory, so this is a convenient way for players to win despite having actually lost (which of course they would have IRL).

Maybe if I was forced to play (because I saw I was about to time out), I wouldn't have enough time to secure the win, but at least I would have a chance. I can't just play because I have a vague feeling time is running out.

What is the timeout anyway? Until this is fixed, maybe I have to play with a timer by my side.
Support / Completed game disappeared?
25 June 2018, 12:23:40 AM
I just played game #15774114 on tokyo against Gloures. My opponent resigned, I clicked the OK button, and I was immediately thrown out of the room. This also happened a few days ago. But that time the game was still recorded. This time it seems to have disappeared. At least it's not here:

Afterwards I played another game, against Magic2b (game 15774857), and this time nothing unusual happened.
Hello. I just want to let everybody know about my rules document, which is now updated because of the new editions of Guilds/Cornucopia and Alchemy.

Complete Rules for Dominion and All Its Expansions

"Complete Dominion rules compilation, with all rules from all the rulebooks as well as all online rulings by the game designer.

The aim is a document where you can learn and easily understand how to play Dominion at the same time as everything is included, stated unambiguously, clearly and accurately. I believe this is the only place you can find the complete and correct rules in one place. Also, in this document all official online rulings are presented together with the printed rules seamlessly and in a logical grouping and ordering."
Over in the strategy forum someone discovered that when calling Coin of the Realm (because of Caravan Guard) on another player's turn, the CotR stays in play until your next Clean-up. This matters rarely for CotR (because you generally wouldn't call it in another player's turn), but matters for Duplicate. And actually the Adventures rules specify that Duplicate is discarded in the current player's Clean-up. This is wrong online.

Just as an aside, the old Outpost also would sometimes be discarded in another player's Clean-up.

The implication is clearly that all players' cards in play are discarded in Clean-up, not just your own cards. (Durations of course following their normal rule of not being discarded if they're not done).

I guess that for current cards this only matters for Coin of the Ream, Duplicate and Royal Carriage. I don't think there's any other way for a card to end up in your play area when it's not your turn. If there was a way a Duration could be done with its future effects on another player's turn, that would also invoke this rule, but I don't think there is. Still, strictly speaking, this should be a fixed as a general rule.
Here's another example of this bug.

Game 11667697

I had 3 Mining Villages, 1 BoM.
Last turn, I trashed BoM, copying Mining Village, and my score went down because of Orchard. In the trash it was a BoM visually. At end of game my deck showed 1 BoM and 2 MV, and the wrong score because of this.