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Bug Reports / Trail and Tactitian
25 September 2022, 06:35:53 PM

It seems as if when you play a Tactician and discard Trails, you can only keep playing the trails until your deck has to reshuffle. You can not draw/play your remaining trails after the shuffle and you start to draw new cards after the reshuffle.

X plays Trail
X looks at [deck listed here]
Trail can no longer move Trail (it has already moved)

Maybe there is some subtle rule here I do not understand, but it seems like a bug to me. The logic of the client is that the Trails are not really played (until played 1-by1 sequentially) but part of the deck until played (they can be drawn again in the new deck), but that seems weird to me.

Sorry, I lost my game number to report here, but I have attached a picture.