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Also, I tried creating a new account with no subscription and it literally doesn't let me raise the minimum level above 5. Is that intended...?
Has anything ever come of this? I've been encountering the same bug, posted about it but didn't realize this thread existed.
When I didn't have a subscription at all, if I queued for expansion content it would just wait until it found someone who has the expansions to match me with. I bought a Core subscription a few days ago, and had fun playing levels 2-5 for a while, but I figured I'd try a couple level 6+ matches just to switch it up, even if it meant waiting a while in queue. However, when I try to do that, the matchmaking instantly starts a match that *says* it's level 6+ but features 0 cards from the level 6+ pools (and yes, I did set the *minimum* level to 6 as well), nor any of the extra mats or mechanics. I've played about 10 such games now, and without fail it's always cards from the level 1-5 pools.

Am I just locked out of being able to queue for level 6+ while I have a Core subscription active? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?