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Card Bugs / Possession + Spell Scroll + Cursed
09 July 2023, 10:01:02 AM
Joining game #126264361 on frankfurt.

While Possessing my opponent, I played a Spell Scroll to gain a Cursed "Swap" action card.  After gaining the card, the curse, and the loot, the game stuck saying it was "waiting for Yardbird" (me) even though I was in the middle of playing my opponent's turn.  I assume it was trying to ask me to play the Swap that I just gained from Spell Scroll, but there was no dialog or option for me to play it.  I tried switching to my perspective by clicking my name, but it still said "Waiting for Yardbird".
Card Bugs / Transport not allowing you to topdeck
12 December 2022, 09:48:34 AM
With this new engine/UI change, it seems when you play Transport, you can click on the card in Exile, but the button does not change from Exile to Topdeck, and it stays non-interactable.
oh no, twitch VOD of finals got deleted due to time expiry!
Feature Requests / Re: Disable Undo for the game
24 November 2019, 08:08:57 PM
I really think the best option here is just to have a checkbox after the first (or maybe third) time someone makes an Undo request.  If they keep requesting undos and you don't want to grant them, you can tick the box and undo requests will be denied automatically, preventing both having to manually decline every request and also the slow playing tick of clicking Undo over and over.
That is true, the opponent's cards were still being revealed as I accepted the Undo request.
Unfortunately, I didn't catch the game number and server (there doesn't seem to be a way to check past games), but it happened today (as of posting this) just about 5 minutes ago.

Anyway, I have a screenshot of it.  My opponent plays Rebuild and accidentally clicks estate.  They only have estates and ask for a redo, so I oblige.  After the redo, no victory card is trashed, but they gain a Duchy somehow.  According to them, on their client, they trashed an Estate and got a Duchy.  I don't see their estate in the trash, but the log has them gaining a Duchy.  On my next turn, I play a Rebuild and trash my own Duchy to get a Province.  Then I play the second Rebuild you can see in the picture and trash an Estate.  However, the game will not allow me to get a Duchy!  It only lets me get an Estate.  I tell my opponent and ask for an undo.  My opponent grants it, and everything seems to be fixed.  The log (turn 13, opponent's turn) is fixed and their Estate appears to be trashed in it, the Estate shows up in the Trash, and when I play Rebuild again after my undo, I can gain a Duchy after trashing an Estate, so the game state seems to have figured itself out.  Seems like a weird desync error.

In conclusion, as you can see in the screenshot, turn 13, my opponent Rebuilds and just gains a Duchy but on their screen they say the Estate is trashed.  Later on my turn, I cannot gain a Duchy when I trash an Estate until I ask for an undo.  After the undo, the log is fixed and the game state seems to go back to normal, and I can gain a Duchy after trashing an Estate.
I think that if there are cards that "shouldn't be published" or "represent a problem", they should be globally banned just as Possession and Stash were before the big update.  I don't think players should get personal ban lists when it comes to playing ranked for rating, and I see that as of course being able to game a massive amount of cards (between the lists, 13 cards!) to be removed or played down if they aren't to your personal taste or your decision-making skill.  The dislike list is bad enough, but the outright ban list should really be reserved for a global list done server side.
The account's name is Mr. Mad

It has a period in it.

After piling out in a game, apparently a scummy tactic, Mr. Mad stalls me, insults me, and goes on to waste a fair bit of time.  I think the proof in the screenshot is quite adequate.
Game #32004820, my account is Yardbird.