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The same issue happened again today. I have attached a screenshot of the End-Of-Game screen (which, by the way, has declared the game as a "Tie" again, despite the scores).

Originally, there were 4 human players. Blulight16 resigned from the game and was replaced by a bot, Lord Rattington (this is expected behavior). However, a few minutes later, lilyblade45 resigned and the game immediately ended (not expected).

Both times this has happened, the game ended right after lilyblade45 resigned; perhaps the account is corrupt?

Another strange thing I notice is that I am pretty sure we only played two games, yet *three* game numbers appear in the spectator chat. Our first game went fine; it was the second game that ended in an unexpected way.

Do any of the games in the screenshot load for you? I don't know how to load old games myself (assuming that's even possible for me). Here are the game numbers for copy-pasting convenience:
71684400 on ohio
71687617 on oregon
71689263 on oregon
This is from a game I played with my siblings a while ago, on Jan 31. Game #65962375 on the Tokyo server.

One player (lilyblade45) had to leave early, so they resigned. When this has happened in the past, the player who leaves has been replaced with a bot. This time, however, the game immediately ended as a tie (despite the score not even being a tie)

I've attached a screenshot of the End-of-Game screen.