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Game Log Issues / 3 Souks netted me -17 coins
03 February 2023, 04:36:46 PM
Game 116467588. Played 3 Souks at the end of my last turn and I gained +7 coins each but lost 38. The card text says you can't go below 0.
AI bugs / Choices don't show up when playing Bauble
19 December 2022, 09:37:28 PM
Had to resign

Game #113348745
For the last hour. Chrome Windows 10. 2 different laptops
Game #103985713
Game Log Issues / Played Ally without Favors
06 June 2022, 06:19:29 PM
Game #102352163

I could play Forest Dwellers every turn, without using a Favor. There weren't even any Liaisons in the Kingdom.
Game Log Issues / Lord Rat got stuck
20 May 2021, 06:43:41 PM
Game #77261469

Lord Rate played a Graverobber that I had Swindlered to him. Then...nothing. Waiting for Lord Rattington. Had to resign.
AI bugs / AI does not use Menagerie Cards
21 March 2020, 06:16:01 AM
Title says it all - when will this be addressed?
Support / Re: Site is stuck
20 March 2020, 10:43:10 PM
Thanks. I was able to get out
Support / Site is stuck
20 March 2020, 10:28:35 PM
I was playing game 37319699, bought the winning card, but then it was prompting me to play a card. Tried refreshing but the site Reconnecting message just keeps spinning. Tried refreshing and kicking, but nothing. Please unlock.
Game Log Issues / Priest / Sewers issue
10 September 2019, 09:48:32 PM
Game 30518172

I bought Sewers but when I played it to trash a card after playing Priest, I didn't get the +2 coins state don the Priest card.
Last game against the bot hung at the end. Now when I try to log in, I see the main screen, then a black screen with a spinner. Can't play. Was planning on teaching the game tonight.

0: Opening metaserver connection (
raven-3.7.0.min.js:49 54: Metaserver connection established.
raven-3.7.0.min.js:49 56: yes found a session....
raven-3.7.0.min.js:49 56: Attempting login with session id 92f5f056-afcb-4cd7-a5e2-0e9a214165df
raven-3.7.0.min.js:49 57: broadcasted META_SERVER_CONNECTION_OPENED.

Perhaps my session went corrupt?
Support / Unfamiliar Cards
30 January 2019, 03:56:05 PM
I am new to Dominion Online, so I only have the base set available. IRL, I have Base, Intrigue, Seaside and Alchemy, so I marked all of those as familiar cards and allowed Max 2 unfamiliar cards.

However, when I use the matching feature, about a third of the time I am matched with a game full of cards I don't know. So I have to apologize and resign right away. Shouldn't there be an option to not be matched with players that don't respect familiar cards?

Also, if I resign before a game begins, does that affect my rating?