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AI bugs / Where do we talk about shuffling?
09 April 2020, 10:15:19 PM
My whole gaming group joined a little over a week ago and whilst we are mightily impressed with the game and the overall UX, one thing stand out, and that is just how bad the shuffling algorithm is.
I have purchased all the expansions and yet of the 50 or so games I have played it's painfully obvious that something is wrong:
1. The card selection seems to always pick the same cards (Margrave, 5 games in a row!)
2. The in-game algorithm is wrong:
2.1 Round 3, you always draw whichever card you purchased on round 2 (in fact, any time your discard pile is empty you will draw the last card you gained)
2.2 Literally draw the exact same cards in the exact same order multiple times a game
2.3 If there is not enough cards in the deck to draw, it will shuffle the discard pile and deck together before drawing, meaning stacking the deck is not possible in some circumstances

As I said, loving this game, almost as good as playing in person, but I can see this issue just killing it