Signups 2017 Dominion Online Championship

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Hey everyone,

if you want to participate in the tournament, please use this thread to sign up.
Check out the Approved Tournament Signups a bit later on.

If your username on Dominion Online is different from your forum username, please mention it in your post. Please remember that your account should have 20 rated games played by September, 15th.

The tournament will start on September, 18th. Signups officially end on September, 11th. There may be a few more spots available to fill up the bracket, but if you want to garuantee your spot, sign up before the deadline.

Please use this thread only to sign up. You can ask questions or make comments here and read the rules here. Other types of comments will be moved/removed from here. If you need to sign out, simply remove your previous post.

Please be aware that you must be a Gold subscriber during the tournament to play. That means being subscribed to every expansion including Empires, between September 15th until at least November 15th.








Sign me up. My id on dominion is matchStick2016



I will link my PayPal in a bit so you can all skip the middleman.