Black Market deck reshuffle prevents game end

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In game #6288168 on tokyo (I think), engineeringdude had just finished the game by draining three piles, yet it showed engineeringdude his next hand and told us both that we were "Waiting for engineeringdude". This might be a bug with Black Market and game end -- it also said it was "Reshuffling the Black Market deck," although he hadn't played a Black Market in his final turn. Screenshot attached.


Also during this same game, I was unable to name cards from the black market deck when SamE played contraband.


This might be related to
where I posted several instances of a similiar bug where the game didn't end. Two of those recorded instances also had black market on the board and in the last game I posted the screenshot I made also shows "Reshuffling black market". Unfortunately I can't remember whether the original game that I opened this thread for had black market in it and if I now try to reload that game it gives me "Internal error", so I don't know if it's just the black market causing this.


This is a good guess, I do remember having Black Market in the Kingdom aswell when I had this bug.


I encountered another instance of this bug. #6437249 on oregon, again, the game does not end when i use my last buy to end the game on a 3-pile and again, the last line in the log after reloading the page reads "Reshuffling the black market deck.".

So I am really convinced now that there's a bug where reshuffling the black market at the end of the game freezes it in a weird state. One thing I noticed though that seems strange is why is the black market reshuffled at the end of my turn and not directly after I played the black market that caused the reshuffle/directly before the black market that causes the shuffle? I'm not sure how that mechanism is supposed to work though.

I made a screenshot of the frozen state and also saved the whole log in case it's broken again, though only by copy+paste so it is really ugly formatted right now but that could be fixed.