Losers' Bracket Round 3 Signups (Closed)

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This thread is for anyone who lost their Round 3 match in the main tournament. There will be separate signups for each round.

General Rules:
1. Match rules are identical to the main tournament except where noted here. (This includes subscription eligibility.)
2. Signups will occur on a per-round basis. If you lost in Round 1 of the main tournament, you will join in Round 1 of Losers'. If you lose in Round 4 of the main tournament, you will not join until Round 4 of Losers'.
3. If you have already entered Losers', you do not need to signup again to continue participation - you will advance to the next round by winning your match.
4. I will aim to send out a reminder for signups and matchups; however, it is your responsibility to sign up at the appropriate time and to schedule your match.

1. The Losers' Bracket will lag approximately 96-120 hours behind the end of the corresponding main tournament round.
2. You should complete your match within a week of the match-ups being posted. If your opponent has not responded within 48 hours of match-up posting, please notify me.
3. If your opponent does not show up for a scheduled match (within 15 minutes grace period), please notify me as well.

Bracket Structure:
1. Each round, the top half of entries (by seed in main tournament) will be paired randomly with the bottom half. If there are an odd number of entries, the best seed remaining who has not already received a bye will advance automatically to the next round.
2. The winners in the Losers' Bracket will advance to the next round, and be joined by new signups (who were knocked out of the main tournament).

1. Pending approval by the organizers of the main tournament, I will offer a 3 month Gold subscription as a prize for the winner of the Losers' Bracket.
2. I will also offer a 3 month Gold subscription for the biggest non-forfeit upset, as determined by X Win% at the time of the match (to be split in the case of ties).

1. In order to participate, you must have participated in the main tournament, and must not have forfeited your match due to lack of participation/communication (resigning single games is fine).
2. Please only sign up if you can commit to playing your matches until you are eliminated again.
3. Those eliminated in the quarterfinals of the main tournament or later are not eligible for the Losers' Bracket prize, since they will already be receiving a prize for their placement in the main tournament. However, they are welcome to participate, and if one of them wins the prize will go to the highest finisher(s).



I'm in.

(Fun fact: I just checked the leaderboard, and my opponent in round 3 is currently ranked #8. Those were some tough matches I played against him/her, but it was fun. I won 2 of 6 games.)



I would like to join in as well.
Thanks for organizing this!

username: therem.harth



Why not? I'm a glutton for punishment. Sign me up please.


Hi fellow losers. I'll join, thanks.


Correction: I'm in the wrong thread; I'm a Round 4 loser.


If it's not too late I'm in.

(I was thinking that I wouldn't have time, but I think I will.)


Nope, not too late. Round 2 just started, so signups here will close in about 1 week. I will send a mass invite today or tomorrow.









I expect to have matchups ready tomorrow morning; signups remain open until then.