AI Freezing on Tournament with Auto-reveal province

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In game #9333207, I turned on "Always Reveal Province" under the tournament card.  Lord Rattington froze up on me.  Not sure why it worked some of the time, but it would just always freeze on Rattington's 14th turn.  I'd undo and it'd freeze again.  Finally, I tried turning off "Always Reveal Province" and it no longer froze.


Thanks for reporting the bug. You confirmed what I suspected when I described the bug for a 3-player game: That it will happen also for more players. See Known Card Bugs for details, especially that this is not an AI specific bug, it can happen exactly the same way with human players. The AI in this case is just another player that has this autoplay option set to "Always reveal Province".


Yes, that is it, thank you.  I just assumed the game getting "stuck" was the bot stalling out in its decision making, so thanks for the correction and pointing me to the known issue!