please fix how LR plays Fortune

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22122636, Turn 12

Lord Rat is not the brightest bulb in the store.  This I get.  And there are all sorts of complicated card combinations where it does not bug me too much if LR plays them poorly.  If there is a game with Counterfeit, then I know I will automatically win, since LR has been programmed to buy all of them, or almost all of them.  But this is a low level of annoyance, as I would think it is really difficult to figure out all the possible kingdom combinations and to be able to program: Buy 1 Counterfeit with this kingdom; buy 2 Counterfeits with this second kingdom. Etc etc. 

But this other sort of "bug" (here, when Fortune is in the deck) really bothers me, since it's so easy to fix.  And since it does bother me, I suspect that it almost certainly similarly bothers other players.

Please make the simple coding change: force LR to play Fortune LAST among its treasures.  It really makes games with this card not fun to play against Lord Rat, since LR is deliberately (well, the computer AI equivalent) sabotaging its own moves.  Turn 12 in the game went something like Buy: Play Silver, play Fortune, THEN play Copper and Silver.

This should be a simple thing to code.  Maybe there is some edge case where one would Not want to play Fortune last???  But so what: You, obviously should code for the play that is optimal 99.9984% of the time, right?

Would it be possible for someone (has a second or third person been added to the Shuffle workforce in 2019?) to take 30 seconds to (1) Say if this is something that can be easily addressed, (2) Say if this is a fix that will or will not be effected, (3) Say where on the priority list it is...assuming that it is something that Shuffle does want to improve, and (4) Give a rough estimate (within, say, a 3-month range) of when the fix will be done.

The reason why I am encouraging Shuffle to move on fixing this particular bug is that, for me, Fortune is a very interesting and complicated card to play with.  Given the very high cost of the card, it's very fun to try and calculate, "Should I buy it at this point of the game?  If I do buy a Prov. instead of this card, can I get to a win before my opponent can take advantage of its own Fortune purchase?"  If Shuffle programs Lord Rat to play like a really low-level (ie, an idiot) player when this card is in the kingdom, then I lose all the pleasure of playing with this card.