Match time publishing and spectating

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Once you've arranged with your opponent a date and time to play your match in any given round, you can publish that. That is good for keeping track yourself, as well as allowing others to spectate (live watch) your match.

You can find the calendar of published matches here, if you want to spectate yourself.

To enter a planned match, you need to enter data into this google form.

Choose "Add" to add the match, then choose "ShuffleIT Championship" for the Tournament, then enter your and your opponent's name. Set the start date and time (remember to convert to UTC) and set the match length (1h 30min or 2h are realistic values).

If you then update the first linked page, it should show your match now.


Quarterfinal matches (as known yet):

drsteelhammer - ospond: Thursday, 24th of October, 1PM-3PM UTC = 9AM-11AM EDT = 10PM - midnight JST

amoffett11 - RTT: Saturday, 26th of October 6PM-8PM UTC = 2PM - 4PM EDT = (Oct. 27th) 3AM-5AM JST

elementmario222 - Freaky: Sunday 27th of October 3PM-5PM UTC = 11AM-1PM EDT = (Oct. 28th) Midnight-2AM JST

JNails - Mercury444F: Thursday, 24th of October, 3PM-5PM UTC = 11AM-1PM EDT = (Oct. 25th) midnight-2AM JST


Semifinal Matches:

ospond - RTT:                   November 2nd, 19:00 UTC = 3 PM EDT = Nov 3rd, 4 AM JST

Freaky - Mercury444F     October 29th, 16:00 UTC = noon EDT = Oct 30th 1AM JST