Semifinal pairings

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Below are the Semifinal pairings.

Please schedule your matches such that they end before Monday, 4th of November, 6:00 UTC. You can publish your scheduled matches, details for that can be found in Match time publishing and spectating.

Each match has a moderator assigned to it, in case there are problems. You can click on the moderator link to send them a message.
Please remember that you should contact your moderator when you have not heard from your opponent on Wednesday 12 UTC!

You can report the match result in 2 ways:
1) Preferred is this Google form to enter the result of your match.
2) If something goes wrong there, as a backup you can post the result in the in this forum in the Round 5 Result thread.

If you want to look at the results of the whole tournament, there is a multi-page google doc for that as well.

Have fun playing.

Freaky - Mercury444F   (Mod: xtruffles)     Time: October 29th, 16:00 UTC = noon EDT = Oct 30th 1AM JST
ospond - RTT   (Mod: Gazbag)                      Time: November 2nd, 19:00 UTC = 3 PM EDT = Nov 3rd, 4 AM JST