Random starting player not random: AI always starts

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The AI always gets to start (2 player games). It seems only if I go actively toggle the random button it becomes random.


Can you tell me how you start those games?

I just started a bot game on my own table (no option changed) and the first game had me as the starting player.

Then I started a bot game via automatching and the 3rd game on that table had me going first.

Then I started a bot game again via automatching, and after each game started anew with automatching, and then the 4th game had me going first.

So while this took 2 more games than the mathematical expected value would predict, I guess it's still just random noice over an unbiased selection.


I play against the AI only 1 vs 1. I just create a table, select the decks, add an AI and press ready.