"Keep bad cards in exile" auto play messing up

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When I have Livery in play and gained Province or Duchy, I was asked whether I wanted to resolve Livery first or to discard them from Exile, even though I had the "don't ask me to discard bad cards from Exile" autoplay on (under auto play for "Province"). Game #39399259.


That's how it is is programmed to work (though I agree it would be nice not to show up). If the Exile button would show up alone with "bad" cards, it is automatically suppressed. If it would show up with other buttons (like here from Livery), it will show.

OTOH, once you press the Livery button, the Exile button will not come up again.

So it working as it's suppsed to be, but it would of course be nice to not show up at all.