bug? selecting indiv. cards after gaining Inn??

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Oregon, 40843904.
Turn 15

Game had Inn in it, and it was a kingdom where it was pretty easy to set up a large engine.  On Turn 15, I had a large number of action cards in my discard pile, and I then bought Inn.  I got the usual popup screen with my discard pile.  And--Dominion online has helpfully instituted to save screen space--all the similar cards were grouped together.  If I had, say, 3 Lurkers, it this popup screen would show a single Lurker card, with a large "3" to indicate how many there were.  Or a Haunted Woods, with a "2" to show the same thing.  No problem so far. 

But, here, the game would only allow me to select a card type, and this automatically selected *all* of that Action card.  In other words, there was no way to select, for example, just one of the 3 Lurker cards.  It was all or nothing.  As I look at the language of Inn, I do not see anything that suggests that this would be the case.  And, certainly, in the online Dominion game, there are many times when--if you want to select 2 estates or 2 coppers to trash--you have to click on the Estate/copper card, and then click on it a second time, to select it for a second time.  So, I know the game has the coding to allow for this.

Is this phenomenon an expected part of the gameplay with Inn?  (So far, I am about zero for 10 when reporting suspected bugs on this forum, so I'm not sanguine about actually finding a bug here.  :-\ )  But since a broken clock is right twice a day, I'm posting this; this could be my magical day. . . .   ;D


Hi Josh, you did everything right, that is a bug in Dominion online.

When you gain the Inn from the trash (as you did here, per Lurker), it uses the "grouped" mode you describe, where all of the same card are shown once with a number for the count.

The bug is that you can only select each group once (as you realized) and so doesn't allow fine grained control. Contrary to what you wrote, only one card of each selected group would have actually been selected, not all of them.


Yay, I found an actual bug.  (But a different sort of bug than I realized, so I think no glory for me.)  :'(

If I understood you correctly; If I buy Inn, and then select (for example) 4 different types of Action cards to be mixed back into my deck, the online game will only give me one card of each of those 4, yes?  Even if there had been, say, 8 Peddlers, and 3 Kings Court in Discard? 

That, obviously (depending on the kingdom) makes Inn a much much weaker card.  Has anyone thought of a clever workaround?  If not; is this bug high or low on the list of fixes for Stef?


The bug occurs only when you the gain the Inn from someplace else than the Supply. If you buy it (AFAIK even from Black Market) it will work as it should.