Avanto wouldn’t chain with Sauna

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I just played a game in which Avanto wouldn't chain with Sauna, which I drew with the Avanto. That is how it works, right? Or does the Sauna have to be in hand before the draw? I assume this is a bug. I probably would have won the game if it had chained,


Thanks for the report, denti!

Yes, you should be able to chain Sauna that you drew with Avanto (and vice versa).

In order to find out what happened (if it was a bug, if the interface was confusing, or there were other circumstances) it is extremely helpful if the game ID can be provided. All games are "saved" and can be replayed or reexamined later (like in chess, where a player may try something else in a game at a certain position where they later felt they played poorly). This also helps clarifying bugs, as in your case

The game ID (or game number) can be found at the start of the chat for the game and at the start of the game log.

I guess now it is too late for you to find the game ID (but if you find another bug later, please note down the game id of the game). If it was a rated game, there is a good chance to find it. For that I'd need your in-game account name (you can send it to me via personal message if you don't want it published here).


I didn't note the game ID, but it was the last game I played and it was rated.

Name is: denti.alligator


Game ID was 51572620

I looked at the game, and there was only one case where you did not chain Saunas/Avantos to the full potential, on your turn 10 (I took your place in the replay):

As you can see, your Avanto drew a Sauna that you didn't play. I checked several times, but for me the interface to chain (aka a green outlined Sauna) always appeared.

On turn 7 the same situation happened, you started the turn with Avanto in hand and it drew a Sauna, but that time you did chain it.

I'm not sure what happened on turn 10 for you, but I can't reproduce the problem.


Well, it wouldn't do it for me. I even did an "undo" and then tried again.


I believe you, it's just hard to find an explanation of what may have happened. Can you tell me what browser/system you used?