Possession reset log and disabled undo

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Username AndersGorling.

Game #58558804. Had to ask my opponent about server game number and server but they only said game number.

Sometime around turn 10+ i resolve the first Possession of the game. This had the uninteded consequence of resetting the play/chat-log. I expected it to just add new lines to the log but instead everything before that point was wiped. New entries were added for the plays that were subsequently made but the log was reset every time I played Possession. Don't know if this also happened to my opponent - they didn't mention it.

Also i could not use the Undo function when playing my opponents turn. I tried clicking the thing but nothing happened.

Using Firefox 82.0.2 (64-bit)


Right, that is a problem with Possession. What you can do is to hit CTRL-R in your browser window and it will reload the whole log again. That will also restore the undo functionality.


I had the same bug in the game I posted below. But I also was (partly) able to see the cards of the oppononent on their next turn. This should maybe be fixed since the player can gain information about which attacks they have to fear from their opponent.


That "seeing opponent's cards" is not really a bug. You were in control for their whole Possession turn, including the time at the end when they draw their 5 cards. So you are supposed to know their cards, and the client does this by showing you their hand cards. Notice that the once card they draw from Village Green this turn (not the Possession turn) is hidden.


All right, thanks for the clarification. :)