Pirate Ship stopped attacking

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Pirate Ship attacks were ignored mid-game for no observable reason.  Hitting attack resulted in no response in the log.  Taking Pirate Ship profit instead did work.

Resigned and restarted same Old Game and the same thing happened on a slightly different turn.

Playing two player against LR.  He also trashed every card he had using Apprentice, so perhaps he was just having a really bad day.   ;D

Joining game #71326780 on tokyo.
Joining game #71327472 on tokyo.


Thanks for the report, GPSRider.

You found the solution to the problem yourself: Lord Rat had trashed down to so few cards, that it doesn't actually have a deck or discard pile, it has all cards it has in its hand. So if you use the "attack mode" of Pirate Ship, no cards will be revealed, as there simply are no cards to be revealed! The log shows what happened, and nothing happened, so it doesn't show anything special.

I know that this is counterintuitive in some cases, like this one. Maybe it would be helpfull if in such a case a small info was posted into the log.


Thank you for your quick response.

I have to give LR props for an innovative defense against Pirate Ship attacks, however I am not sure I will recommend it to friends.  :D

I think your idea to add a note to the log in this case is a good one, as I was definitely perplexed as to what was going on.