Can't see multiplayer tables

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For some reason, with the new UI, it is impossible for my friends to see tables I create when there are multiple slots on table. They can see tables I create when there's only one other slot (i.e. for two people), but as soon as I add a slot for a third player, the table disappears and noone can see it.

So far the only workaround we found is to have everyone join as spectators, and then add more player slots once everyone is already at the table as a spectator. Surely there has to be a way to make tables work like normal though. We never had any problems before the recent UI update, and it's really annoying now.


Just logged onto the forum to see if anyone else is having this same issue as OP.

It seems that when I make a new table, as soon as I modify the table at all it makes the table invisible to anyone else who wanted to join. This includes changing the kingdom or adding slots for players.

I will try the "Spectator" work around mentioned above and edit this post to report.

FYI: username = "johnnyhala", subscription level = "core"

Edit: Can confirm that the above workaround worked for me as well. Table could not be modified at all until all players were at the table. Each player needed to join, then "stand up to spectate" to allow a new player to join, repeat as needed until all players are in, THEN modify the table and start the game.


What does the Tables screen of your friends look like when they open it? For me it looks like this

You can see several games with more than 2 players, including Ingix2 (4 slots, 2 yet unfilled) and also from "Hart Attack", "Haufan" and more.

Make sure your friends have all the marked buttons set to the "lighted" state, as shown above. They are especially there to make it possible to see only tables with a certain number of games.