TWO extra turns with Ghost on Voyage

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Game #98004491, rated.
Menial Serf vs AndersGorling

On turn 13 Serf sets aside Voyage with Ghost.
On turn 14 they resolve the Voyage and end up taking 2 extra turns, even tho the card specifies that it should only give you an extra turn if the previous turn wasn't yours.

Maybe Island Folks is involved in making this bug appear. It was also part of the game. But that also says you only get an extra turn if the previous turn wasn't yours.


This is how Voyage works. Unlike Outpost, that has a "If this is the first time you played an Outpost this turn" clause, Voyage lacks this. If you play X Voyages on a turn you get X extra turns, provided that at the time it was played, the previous turn wasn't yours.

All of the extra turn stuff works this way, but all the others have limits on each source. So if I played an Outpost, bought a Mission and activated Island Folk all on the same turn, I'd get three extra turns as long as the previous turn was not mine at the time each one was originally played / bought / activated.