Fix for Moat

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Currently, when an opposing player plays a Werewolf (and maybe others, but I'm blanking if there are any other cards that are only attacks at certain times) as an action, they become aware whether their opponent has a Moat, either because it's set to auto-reveal or because there is a delay to allow you to decide whether to reveal it.  Either way, this can have a HUGE effect on how you choose to play further cards that turn.  This would not occur IRL because someone wouldn't reveal or think about revealing a Moat when someone plays a Werewolf as an action card.

I suggest finding a way to fix this, so that when a card is played that is not an attack AT THE TIME OF PLAY, there is no reaction from the game.  I recognize this may be a fairly heavy lift, but if it could be considered for the next set of updates, it would be a significant improvement.  Thanks!