Game resigned for me, twice

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Last two games I played, DO seemed to stall, so I refreshed the browser to see if it would help.  In both cases, about 12 turns into the game, I came back to hear the resign sound at the login screen.  I relogged in and I was taken back to the "you resigned" screen.  Oddly, for the second game when this occurred, I was taken back to the resign screen of the PREVIOUS game I'd played, player, set-up and all. 

I can't provide the game numbers for this because it isn't listed on the resign screen, but like I said, it's the previous two games I played as of this time.  Username: Tamordnual 


I see two games you "resigned" today, the second one just after 1 turn from you.

That game took 6 minutes, which to me strongly suggests that there was some connection problem between you and the server. Your opponent waited on you for 4 minutes  and then made you resign, because you didn't do anything. From your side it looked like you where waiting on your opponent (because their actions didn't reach you because of the connection problem).