Hermit can no longer move Hermit (it already moved)

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game #106594157, my turn 8

Turn 8 - Adam Horton
A starts their turn.
   A draws a Ghost Town. (Ghost Town)
   A gets +1 Action. (Ghost Town)
   A draws a Hermit. (Ghost Town)
   A gets +1 Action. (Ghost Town)
A plays a Patron.
   A gets +1 Villager.
   A gets +$2.
A plays a Hermit.
   A trashes an Estate.
   A gains a Ghost Town.
A begins their buy phase.
   A trashes a Hermit.
   A spends 1 Favor.
   A gains a Highway.
A plays 2 Coppers. (+$2)
A buys a Pilgrimage.
   A flips Journey token face down.
A plays a Ghost Town.
A plays a Ghost Town.
Hermit can no longer move Hermit (it already moved).
A shuffles their deck.
A draws a Copper, a Highway, a Hermit, a Monastery, and a Patron.


The bolded line, why is that in the game log? I'm not sure which Hermit it's talking about but I gained a card in my buy phase due to Woodworkers' Guild so I'm not sure why any Hermits are trying to move themselves.


Yes, that's a bug. I can only assume that it's unremoved parts of the previous version of Hermit, when it got discarded at the usual time during Cleanup. I would guess the shuffle following is the cause for this bug to surface.