Cannot play with more than 4 players

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When creating a new table, I'm being able to add up to five empty slots for 5 other players besides me.
When searching in the tables list all my friends can see the game.
As soon as three of them join the game it disappears from the list and the rest of them cannot join.
We can play a game with more then four if the other two players are bots but we didn't find any way of playing more than four real players even if the interface suggests that this should possible.
I searched over the forum but I haven't found others complaining about similar issue.

Windows 10, Edge Browser (both desktop and mobile)
Tried creating the games from both a user with subscription and without.


This looks like a bug, looking at the running 4P+ games only showed games with 4 players. I'll forward this.

My suggestion: Do not use the table view to join such games, instead use the automatch screen (right side, friends pane). Declare each other as friends in the game (in the friend list), you create the game, and everybody that declared you as a friened will see that game in their automatch screen. Then everybody can join for a 6 player game.

That also works if a friend of a friend wants to join. Your friend sees your table with the game you created. Once they join, their friend sees them (at your table) and can also join.


Thank you @Ingix that workaround worked.