Rattington Freezes on Secret Passage

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Also - when using war chest Rattington chooses "Estate" what a waste? why no Duchy or Randomly chosen card costing 5 (Duchy if none)

game #107290780 on ohio.

Rattington stops on Turn 12 after playing secret passage and drawing two cards


The bot AI is unfortunately very rudimentary, including a fixed "Estate" naming for War Chest. The Secret Passge problem is known (it was likely caused by an UI/control flow update to it).


But WHY, is the next question?  Okay, you can't code for the game to pick more than one possible card.  Alright, that makes the game (in any kingdom with War Chest) much less fun.  But if you can code to always pick Estate, then surely one could spend the 45 seconds to change the coding to "Always pick Dutchy."  At least then, it would be merely a stupid move, rather than a "let's deliberately lose the game" move of always picking Estate.

That's what I take Foto's point to be.  Picking always-Estate is literally the second-worst way to code the game...I guess we should be happy that LR does not use War Chest to select a Curse for itself.  LOL.  It's along the lines of coding the game to play Fortune or Bank first when cashing in your coins in a buy phase.


Yes, changing the pick to Duchy seems a no-brainer to me. I don't know why Estate was chosen.