Huge connection problems

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I tried discord, nobody there or I don't know how to use it right.  The connection is so slow it barely works and I keep getting messages that it is having trouble staying logged in or something like that.  It worked okay last night, but not the night before last and problem came back in full force tonight.  This message is from KathyV2015.  Please fix this problem.  Lately, I play with the bots to see if it will work okay, before I connect with other players,  When it gets really unresponsive I reload, but that doesn't fix the problem for more than a few seconds.   It doesn't matter who I am playing with or even the bots.  This is terrible.


Hallo KathyV2015,

sorry you have connection problems. You are right, something seemed to have not worked with discord, as I didn't see any message about connections problems, from you or somebody else.

I checked just now, and it works fine, but of course that may not have been true when you tried. But from your description it looks it happened over an extended period of time. And this leads me to believe that the problem is not on our end, because whenever something like this happens from the server side, the discord and forums are full of similar messages.

The problem could be something on your end or (likely) something in between. Have you tried using another browser or another device or even another network connection (land connection vs. cell phone connection)?

If the error messages come up again, could you make a screenshot and post it here?