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Black Market

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When my opponent plays Black Market, there are no images of the revealed cards. He was experiencing the same thing. As a spectator, I cannot see either player's Black Market cards. Also, I Crowned a Black Market, chose to buy nothing and play no treasures on the first reveal, then had to shuffle the BM deck for the second reveal. It did not give me an option to play treasures or buy any cards the second time around. I learned later in that same game that Black Market will not give you an option to buy anything if you don't have enough money for any of the revealed cards but that was not the case and it should let me play treasures anyways. Also, after playing Bm the first time there was one card left in the Bm deck, which was then shown to me on the second go along with two cards from the first go. Coincidence?

From the same game, don't know if this qualifies as a bug: The post game score screen can't be scrolled, due to castles it got so big that my opponent's scoreboard wasn't visible. Neither to me nor my opponent, I'm using FF, he didn't say.


game #500 on frankfurt-test


Yeah, I spectated a game with black market and it showed this (screenshot attached)



Regarding Black Market: With a smaller browser window, the BM reveal area is covered by the turn info panel in the middle. The cards are also unreadable.

I would suggest increasing the reveal area and put it above or beside the turn info thingy.

Browser: Firefox 47.0.2 on Win 8.1