Can’t log into game

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I can't log into dominion games this morning. Is your server down and has anyone else had this problem?


Yes, it's a general problem, like roughly 24h before. I informed the developer, let's hope it's over soon.


Works again. Let's hope it stays that way.


I can't log in - 27 October at 16:45 EDT.

Is there a definitive way to determine server status, or is this is?


There are multiple servers involved and multiple ways they can fail. But this problem is clearly characterized by the game being stuck at "Loading game" for more than a few seconds after your enter your credentials and hit ENTER/click "Login".


This is happening to me now. Error message is: "server connection was closed and could not be established." Over an hour now, same on all browsers and my phone.


Yes, there was a 2h login problem last "night" (from my POV) that affected everybody.