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Gold & Silver subscriptions will be supported for as long as they last, but they are no longer sold.
When the new system released today, everyone with a Silver Subcription also got a Core Subscription, and everyone with a Gold subscription also got a Complete subscription.


We created 10 card pool levels.
Playing with level 1 (the base game) is for free.
A Core Subscription allows you to play with levels 1-5.
A Complete Subscription allows you to play with levels 1-10.
If you have a subscription, you can invite non-subscribers to play with your cards.

Complete subscription

  • gives access to all cards
  • costs 13.0 cents /day (which is ≈€4.10 /month or €49.20 /year)
  • for Americans: that is ≈$4.48 /month or $53.80 /year
Core subscription

  • gives access to the simpler half of the cards
  • costs exactly 6.5 cents /day, which is ≈€2.05 /month or €24.60 /year
  • for Americans: that is about $2.25 / $26.90
Future expansions will also be added to levels 1-10 when they get released, and your subscription will automatically include them.
Subscriptions always start when you buy it, and you can select your own duration.
The minimum duration is one month, and subscriptions do not auto-renew themselves.

Buying for a longer period will get you a discount

months  1      2      3      6      9      12     15     18+
discount  0  0 -2% -5% -8% -10% -12% -15%

For every transaction you have to pay a transaction fee of €0.35.
If you're buying from inside the EU, you also have to pay VAT.
This VAT percentage will depend on the country you're buying from.

If you buy a new subscription before your old one expires, the remaining value of your old subscription is automatically subtracted from the price to pay.

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