3 Souks netted me -17 coins

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Game 116467588. Played 3 Souks at the end of my last turn and I gained +7 coins each but lost 38. The card text says you can't go below 0.


You didn't go below 0. At the end of all of this, you weren't at -$20 or something, you were at $0. The card  isn't saying that its net effect will never be worse than +$0. It means what it says, you can't end up below $0.

You started with $17 and 18 cards in hand, then the 1st Souk gave you $7, then happily took away $17 (the played Souk wasn't in your hand anymore), leaving you at $7. The next Souk again gave you $7 (bringing you to $14), then it would have subtracted $16 considering had size, but only subtracted $14, to bring you to exactly $0.