Is Horse Trader working correctly?

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Game: 118 437 152

Kingdom has Horse Trader, and the attack card Margrave.

Turn 10.  Lord Rat plays Margrave, while I have Horse Trader in hand.  But, I'm given no opportunity to use its defensive ability.  I used Undo to try all 3 possibilities.  (ie, 1. Tried discarding 3 cards, which included the HT.  Nope.  2. Tried discarding 3 other cards.  Nope.  3.  Looked all over the screen for some hidden button to click on, to activate the HT defense.  Nope).

Is this a known bug?  Is it an actual bug, or am I doing something wrong, somehow?


You have to use any reaction to an Attack (like Moat, Diplomat, Horse Traders etc.) immediately after the card is played ("put on the table"), before anything on the card is actually executed! For example, Moat wouldn't be much help vs. Witch if you could only reveal it after it did it's effect and gave you a Curse, would it?

From the log it seems you are talking about Lord Rat's turn 9. Of course, you should have been given the option to use Horse Traders just after Margrave was played by Lord Rat. But that's only possible if the Horse Traders was in your hand at that time, which it wasn't!

Note that "I" (the attacked played, that means you or in this reload me) draws the Horse Traders due to the effect of Margrave. That means it is simply to late to use it to react to the Margrave.

Again: Reactions to Attacks need to be used before any of the attack effects happen. The 2E rulebook spells this out for Moat:


Ah, that makes total sense.  Thanks for the explanation.