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I've been playing, and paying, for several years.  Subscription ran out today, so went to Store to buy a new one.  But there's a bug in the site (well, in the Mollie payment site that we're automatically directed to).  Now it requires 2-step authentication, and there seems to be a bug.  My credit card (which is on file with Shuffle and has been used for years and years with no problems) is now declined each time.  So, I'm unable to give you money...which is a pretty big problem for websites who like receiving money.  LOL

What do you suggest I do?

ID at dominion.games: santamonica811


I did a workaround.  Paid for the subscription with Paypal, instead of with my intended credit card.  Paypal worked with no problem.

But you should be aware that people without Paypal might not be able to buy a subscription, if the Mollie payment site malfunctions for them as well.


Nice to hear that you could get it to work  :)

AFAIK the 2-step authentication is something that is required more and more (at least in Europe), so it may not be specific to Mollie.

Do you have registered an alternate way to autheticate transactions of your credit card (usually a Smartphone app)?