Populate gave me Fortune

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Hi, I was playing in game #125298969 and twice I received a Fortune when buying Populate (in turns 8 and 9, I believe, maybe 9 and 10) even though it is a treasure.

I assume that is a bug?


That's strange, but correct. Populate reads:

"Gain one card from each Action Supply pile."

So what is an "Action Supply pile"? It's one where the randomizer card includes "Action" as a type (+ Ruins, which don't have a randomizer card). That's why the Gladiator/Fortune pile is an "Action Supply pile", and that doesn't change when the Gladiators are gone.

Same is true for other split piles, you get a Plunder from Encampment/Plunder or a Territory from the Clashes, if they are on top when Populate is bought.


Indeed weird. I would have assumed an "Action Supply pile" would be defined as a pile with an action card on top, which seems like a more parsimonious and intuitive definition than "a pile where the randomizer card includes Action". Especially given that the randomizer cards are not part of the online game.


I think the question first came up with Trade Route and the Knights: Would the Knight pile get a Coin token during setup if Dame Josephine (the one that is also a Victory card) was on top?