how to change back to English???!!!!

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I woke up today, logged in, and discovered that Dominion is now in (I believe) Korean!  Sadly, I read and understand only English.  Zero idea how this happened.  I can't see any way to correct this bug. I used my phone's translation programme, but I can't see anything that says something helpful like "change language" or the like.  So, for now; obviously, the game is no longer playable for me.

Can someone walk me through the steps to change Korean to English?  Ideally, this will include screenshots of each step (in Korean), with arrows or circles showing where I should click at each step.

This is what I can see now. (Only the Dominion site is in Korean ... all other websites are behaving normally for me.)


Not sure what happened, but on the login page, on the left side you have the language selection:

Even if it starts in Japanese (like in the picture), you can easily find "English" (on top), click it and proceed to login/play in English.