bots and cheating

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the accounts that use bots and the cheaters on this game are worse and worse.  no clue why nothing is ever done about it!   this a free game that is supposed to be relaxing not a problem with a headache!


Can you explain what you means with "bots" and "cheaters"? People use those words in a lot of different meanings.

Slowplay (taking minutues betweeen playing each Copper, for example) and closing the browser tab instead of resigning (to make the other player wait who is a few clicks away from winning) are in my experience the most employed "cheats".

In addition, while accounts are banned that misbehave, the game having a free mode means the next account is only a few clicks away :-( In my experience players employing the above tactics don't need any continuity for their accounts. They don't care that their rating is gone and that they are no longer known under their old name.

Unfortunately, identifying banned players when they make new accounts automatically is never perfect, and there is simply no man power to do that manually (which is of course also not perfect). So it's a method of catchup once they made the new account and misbehave again.

If you encounter such a player, please use the report feature on